The Finnish Cultural Institute 

The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux is a cultural institute based in Brussels. It was founded in 1993 and its scope of operations covers Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Institute is one of the 17 Finnish cultural and science institutes.  It is an independent, non-profit organisation funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture as well as various public and private funds. The Institute is maintained by the Foundation for the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.


The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
Rue l'Arbre 14/3
1000 Bruxelles


+32 468 15 56 72 


The Finnish Cultural Institute in the Benelux Trust serves as a liaison between stakeholders in the field of culture from Finland and the Benelux countries. The Institute is an expert organisation that provides information and builds up contacts in a broad field of culture.

The Institute offers artists and organisations opportunities to create discussion, new projects and new possibilities of collaboration. The operations aim at long-term, sustainable cooperation among artists and other professionals in the field from Finland and the Benelux countries. The Institute engages in a wide range of activities throughout the whole field of culture, including e.g. visual arts, performing arts, literature, design and cinema arts.

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes oppose racism and discrimination. 
We promote equality and the diversity of Finnish culture and strive to diversify research and science globally.

The Institute's Annual Reports (in Finnish):

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2017



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Phone: +358 45 1105 977 / +32 468 15 56 72 
Instagram: @katevalley 
Twitter: @kate_valley
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Kati moved to Brussels from Tokyo, Japan where she was working as the Head of Arts and Communications at the Finnish Institute in Japan. Kati has, among others, previously lived in New York for six years working at the Finnish Cultural Institute and the Consulate General of Finland and as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project. Kati’s strengths lie in her expertise in the visual arts and design fields, her extensive international work experience and networks, as well as her skills in managing a diverse range of projects. She graduated from the Stockholm University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Economics and a minor in Art History, and has since immersed herself in the beauty and excitement of the arts.

Administration Manager
(Mon - Wed)

Finances, Administration, Human Resources - Finnish Courses 
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Phone: +32 474 282 095 / +32 468 15 56 72 
Instagram: @pikkutintti
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Tiina has been living in Leuven since 1982, and speaks Dutch fluently! Still, Finland and especially the landscape around Artjärvi will always have a special place in her heart. Kauppatori in Helsinki on a Summer’s day comes second. In Brussels, she enjoys the lively neighbourhood of the “Marollen”, with its narrow streets, original stores, restaurants and cafes and diverse population. Having a penchant for smart and feisty women, Lisbeth Salander from the Stieg Larsson novels and Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice have to be her favourite fictional characters. 

Project Manager

NEW Masculinities, TelepART, Women's Day events, overseeing general projects and daily communication

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Instagram: @mala.bergstrom
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Malin is our crazy cat lady and she’s damn proud of it. When she’s not at home cuddling up with her two furry friends, you can find her writing and illustrating. She has a strong passion for comics, and dreams of becoming a published novelist.  Before moving to Brussels, Malin lived in Finland, the UK, and Estonia but her favourite place in the world is Galveston, Texas. The quiet seaside charm peppered with Louisiana flavour drew her to this sleepy peninsula south of Houston, with dreams of sitting on a porch-swing, taking in the hot summer wind.

Communication & Project Coordinator

General communication, Social Media - Design projects 

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Unlike her expat colleagues, Hanna has lived in Belgium all her life and can answer (almost) all questions about this country’s quirky habits and traditions. She loves Scandinavian cultures and there is nothing she likes more than having a cinnamon bun in Copenhagen, shop the streets of Stockholm or discover new places to eat in Helsinki. Next to her work at FinnCult, she also works as a freelancer, mainly in design and communications. Oh, and she also really likes flowers.

Communications & Project Assistant

NEW Finnish Contemporary Art & Design, 
A I S T I T, Go-commission, Communication

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From Finland over Germany and The Netherlands, Sara ended up in Brussels. Having lived in a lot of different places, picking just one favourite location is not that easy. Whether it's a jazz boat in Hamburg, the botanical garden in Malaga or roaming around Stockholm, it's the small things that can make you feel at home somewhere. After finishing her Master's in Scenography, Sara arrived in Brussels at the end of 2019 and is ready to explore a new city. She likes places that spark creativity and keep the mind fresh. One of her discoveries up until now is Smell Stories, a cute perfumery that sells smaller brands and unique scents. Painting, gardening, travelling, vintage shopping, visiting museums, ... Sara loves to explore new things, discovering new experiences and to keep believing that anything is possible. 

Communications & Project Assistant

NEW Masculinities, TelepART, Women's Day events

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Phone: +32 468 15 56 72
Instagram: @ekusnets
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While he was the official Dwarf Hamster Guardian in his student association, Emil’s role at the Institute is more diverse. Emil has a Master’s in Public International Law and is currently finishing his Bachelor in French. In Finland, he lived in many places, from Eura to Sastamala, before moving to Oslo and Paris. Still, his favourite city in the world is Turku, because of the great memories and awesome people he met there during his studies. If you want to make him laugh, just turn on ‘what.’ by Bo Burnham or any Parks & recreation scene including Ron Swanson.


The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux is maintained by Finnish Cultural Institute in the Benelux Trust. The Foundation is Finnish and its domicile is Helsinki.

Executive board of the Foundation for the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux 

Pasi Saukkonen, Chairperson, adjunct professor, Twitter QHBhc2lfc2F1a2tvbmVu
Kalle Jämsen, Master of Arts
Sakari Karjalainen, Adjunct professor, Twitter @sakari_k
Hannu Suihkonen, Secretary general, vice chairperson
Antti Wihanto, Honorary consul for Belgium

Suvi Innilä, Senior specialist, deputy member
Kaarlo Kalliala, Bishop, deputy member, Twitter @KKalliala
Martti Kivistö, Director, deputy member
Laura Kolbe, Professor, deputy member, Twitter @LauraKolbe
Niki Matheson, Director, deputy member

Minna Ruusuvirta

Contact (post only):
Suomen Benelux-instituutin säätiö
Kalliolinnantie 4
00140 Helsinki

The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux is a non-profit, general interest association registered in Belgium. The name in the Register of Associations of Belgium is “Fins Cultureel Instituut voor de Benelux, vereniging zonder winstoogmerk”, abbreviated as “vzw”. In French the form of association is “association sans but lucrative”, abbreviation “asbl”.