Welcome Eero, Our New EDUFI Intern!

Jan 15, 2024 | News

Our new Communications & Programme Assistant, Eero Nurmi joined the team last week. Here’s what he’s eager to experience during the 10-month EDUFI internship!

“Warm greetings! I’m a student from the University of Helsinki, currently doing a master’s degree in Gender Studies. Feeling super excited to get to work with the Institute’s tight-knit team and its wonderful partners. The Benelux feels quite cosy as I’ve previously lived in the Netherlands.

Having worked for both, I have a soft spot especially for art museums and film festivals. That being said, cultural life manages to excite me in its many, often unexpected forms. The team has assured me that Brussels, along with fellow cultural hubs, has plenty in store.

To me, the arts contain endless possibilities by helping us imagine a myriad of possible futures. Especially now, it feels important to enable and encourage utopian thinking in what might often feel like dystopian times. The connections with feminist theory feel pretty clear-cut, too!

During the internship, I’m excited to learn more about reaching culture-hungry audiences and spreading the word on collaborations that know no borders. I’m also keen to do my part in making sure projects – along with their communications – are as safe and accessible as possible.

If you see me around, say hi! You might catch me on the streets of Brussels dog-spotting or scouring for the best baked goods.”

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