TelepART: January 2023

Jan 17, 2023 | TelepART


In January, TelepART support allocated by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux has been given to:

Café Barock Aurore: Flute Music of the Renaissance

Vera Plosila – Finnish traverso player based in Brussels


Ensemble Nylandia’s renaissance flute ensemble Vera Plosila, Sini Vahervuo and Ilkka Eronen play 16th century music on period flutes. The concert also celebrates January 26-29. Aurore – Helsinki Renaissance Music Festival, which can be heard in St. Paul’s Church.

Recorder player Silvestro Ganassi belonged to the key figures of the Venetian Renaissance art world. He was a friend of the painter Titian and moved fluently among the aristocrats and intellectuals of the city. The first of his three music tutors, ‘La Fontegara’ (1535), would describe the local manner of creating improvised embellishments, or ‘diminutions’. This collection is a unique document of the Venetian musical style in the early 16th century. This January concert will feature music from the 1530’s, performed with the ornamental flavour of Ganassi.

The event is an official pre-festival club of the Aurore Renaissance music festival organized during 26.-29.1.2023.


About the artist

The traverso player Vera Plosila is one of the active voices of young Finnish early musicians. She holds master’s diplomas in early music from the Hague and Helsinki, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Dutch-Flemish docARTES program. Her research dives into the aesthetic philosophy discussed at the Berlin Montagsklub in the 1750–70’s and its connection to the circle’s instrumental chamber music.

Plosila has featured as an orchestral and chamber musician with the groups Finnish Baroque Orchestra, Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, Ensemble Nylandia, Weimar Baroque, Trondheim Barokk, Amsterdam Corelli Collective, and Q Ensemble Berlin. In 2016 Plosila was selected as one of the finalists of the EAR-ly soloists’ competition held at the BRQ Vantaa Festival.

During summer 2021, Plosila led a collaboration project between the three Nordic early-music groups Ensemble Nylandia (FI), Camerata Öresund (SE/DK) and Cantoque Ensemble (IS), focusing on the connections of German and Nordic eighteenth-century court music. In 2022 she designed a collaboration program for the ensembles Nylandia, Hyperborea (NO), and Estonian Baroque Ensemble (EE) that focused on Nordic, Baltic, German and French high-Baroque repertoire from the Düben manuscript collection. The initiative extends further into a collaboration with the ensemble Weimar Baroque (DE) in 2023.

Apart from performing and research, Plosila is keenly interested in historical music pedagogy.

Learn more about Vera Plosila on her website.


The Ensemble Nylandia

The Ensemble Nylandia flute consort was founded during summer 2022. During its initial steps the group was coached by Johanna Bartz, a leading performer of 16th-century music, and participated in harpsichordist Matias Häkkinen’s doctoral exam at the Sibelius Academy. The consort’s next project adapts the Venetian playing style of improvised ornaments in a trio setting to the music of the Leuven Chansonnier.



CAFÉ BAROCK is a new way of listening to classical music. It seeks to take the concert tradition back to its roots as a form of shared entertainment, often involving eating, drinking and chatting.


The Kallio Library

The Kallio Library club concert affiliated to the Aurore Festival is intended to spread awareness of the main event and attract new audiences for Renaissance repertoire. As a second living room for Kallio’s residents the library is an easily accessible and inviting venue.




Date: 24.1.2023, 19:00 – 20:00

Location: Cupola Hall, Kallio Library, Viides linja 11, 00530 Helsinki

The concert is open to the public and and free of charge.

The event is an official pre-festival club of the Aurore Renaissance music festival organised during 26-29.1.2023.

For more information about the event visit the Kallio Library website.

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