Registration opens for Eatnameamet – Our Silent Struggle at Cinema Galeries

Sep 14, 2023 | Events, News


The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux screens Suvi West’s documentary Eatnameamet – Our Silent Struggle at Cinema Galeries, Brussels on the 28th of September, 19:00-21:00 CET. 

The film will be introduced to the audience by representatives of the Sámi community, Vice President of the Sámi Parliament Koivu-Jusse Ánne (Anni Koivisto) and activist Elle Biehtár Arvvu Iiddá (Ida-Maria Helander).

Eatnameamet – Our Silent Struggle is a political documentary revealing the Finnish Government’s assimilation and colonization policy towards the Sámi people. The Sámi people are fighting for their existence and their uncertain future with political acts. Eatnameamet is a pamphlet and a cry for help for the future of the only indigenous people of the European Union – through the voices of the Sámi people themselves.

The film screening is part of a larger event organized by the Embassy of Finland, Brussels. A delegation from the Finnish Presidency of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and The Sámi Parliament, hosted by the Embassy of Finland, will be in Brussels for a series of visits to political institutions in Europe’s capital. The goal of these visits and the screening is to increase awareness about the challenges faced by the Sámi peoples in the EU context.

The delegation will also visit London, where the Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland will screen the film on the 26th of September at the Odeon Lux Haymarket. 


Practical Information

Date & Time: Thursday, 28 September, 19:00–21:00 CET 

Location: Cinéma Galeries, Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussels

Accessibility: The cinema is not wheelchair accessible.

Languages: North Sámi, Finnish

Subtitles: Finnish and in English

Tickets: The screening is open to all and free of charge.  After the screening, guests are welcome to attend a drinks reception at the cinema.

Register for the screening.

This event follows the Institute’s Safer Spaces Principles, which you can find on our website.
The Safer Spaces Contact for this event is Institute Director Laura Boxberg., +358 44 739 6079.


About the Director

Doavtter-Piera Suvi Máret (Suvi West) (b.1982) has worked as a freelance director, script writer and editor. Her recent documentaries examine the treatment of Sámi peoples in Finland. Her newest film, Máhccan – Homecoming will premiere in September. It tells the story of the repatriation processes of Sámi objects placed in museums in Finland and around the world.



The film screening and related visits are a collaborative project by The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, the Sámi Parliament, The Finnish Embassy in Brussels, The Finnish Presidency of the Euro-Arctic Council 2021-2023, and the Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland.

The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Belgium

The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, based in Brussels, builds bridges and maintains connections between cultural practitioners and institutions in Finland and the Benelux region.  

The Sámi Parliament – Sámediggi

The Sámi Parliament is the supreme political body of the Sámi in Finland representing the Sámi in national and international connections. It is an independent legal entity of public law which, due to its self-governmental nature, is not a state authority or part of the public administration. 

Embassy of Finland, Brussels

The Embassy of Finland in Brussels is an official representative of the Finnish Government in Belgium and in Luxembourg.  

The Finnish Presidency of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council 2021-2023

The Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) aims to promote stability and sustainable development in the Barents region, which covers the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. Finland holds the presidency of the council during 2021-2023. 

The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland

The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland is an expert on Finnish culture and society. The institute identifies signals of change in the fields of art, culture and society and supports new perspectives to contemporary issues. 


Cover photo: The director Suvi West and the Director of Photography Anssi Kömi are also married to each other. Photo by Janne Niskala.



Suoma Benelux-instituhtta čájeha Suvi West dokumeantafilmma Eatnameamet – Min jaskes dáistaleapmi Cinema Galeries -filbmateáhteris Brusselis 28. čakčamánu dii 19–21. Dilálašvuohta álgá panelaságastallamiin, mas Sámedikki várreságadoalli Koivu-Jusse Ánne (Anni Koivisto) ja aktivista Elle Biehtár Arvvu Iiddá (Ida-Maria Helander) ovdanbuktiba filmma gehččiide. Filmmas čuovvut Helandera mátkki ON
Indigenous Issues -dáhpáhussii New Yorkii. Filbma gieđahallá Suoma sámepolitihka, eanaoamastanvuoigatvuođaid, representašuvnna, oidnoma ja oasálašvuođa temáid. Filbmačájeheapmi gullá Sámedikki ja Barents euroárktalaš ráđi Suoma ságadoallivuođa
ovddasteddjiid delegašuvnna Brussel-galledeapmái.


Dieđut čájeheamis

Eatnameamet – Min jaskes dáistaleapmi

duorastat 28. čakčamánu 2023 dii 19–21

Cinema Galeries, Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussel

Filbmačájeheapmi lea rabas ja nuvttá buohkaide, muhto mii bivdit gehččiid registreret ovddalgihtii. Registrere dilálašvuhtii:

Filbma lea tekstejuvvon suomagillii ja eŋgelasgillii. Filbmasále ii leat easttaheapme.

Filmma maŋŋel oassálastiide sávvat buresboahtima vuostáiváldimii, gos mii ovttas máisttašit belgialaš vuollagiid.

Translation by Arla Magga



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