New Finnish course for beginners starts this May

feb 14, 2023 | Events


When we asked our students WHY they learn Finnish, can you guess what the most common answer was?

We met up with Peter, a student in our level 4 class, and his partner Kaisa for a chat.

“I grew up in The Hague, in The Netherlands, and Kaisa in Espoo, in Finland. I moved to Brussels 3 years ago, Kaisa has been living here for 12 years. I think it is important to be able to speak the language of my partner to some level. We usually speak in English together, but it’s really fun that we are able to make a joke, read an article or watch a TV programme together in Finnish and Dutch.
The journey of learning Finnish has been good! People should not be daunted. There are more similarities to other languages than many people think! Even though the grammar is very different, there are many loanwords, which are similar to words in Dutch, German or even English. For example kellari is a cellar.”

Thinking about learning Finnish for love (or any other reason?) then we have good news! Our new intensive beginners course starts on the 6th of May 2023!

The course will take place online from May-July and will prepare students to join the Level 2 class in the autumn. For more information please contact our Head of Administration, Eeva-Maria Viitanen at 

Learn more about our Finnish Courses. 


Meet the executive board of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux Trust

Bringing expertise from the arts and cultural fields in Finland and in the Benelux, the members of the board are responsible for funding and supervising the activities of the Institute. Get to know the faces behind the names.

TelepART: June 2024

The June 2024 TelepART support by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux goes to the performance “Unknown for talking bodies” by choreographer Eeva Juutinen and performers Astrid Stenberg and Taru Aho at Pianofabriek in Brussels, Belgium.

Boys Won’t Be Boys’ Finland debut through the eyes of Gender Studies student Tega Oke

Find out what it has meant for Programme Assistant Tega Oke to support the Finnish premiere of Boys Won’t Be Boys, a Dutch theatre production centered on personal and honest stories about masculinity.

Join us for a Midsummer Cocktail Hour on Tuesday, 18 June

We have the utmost pleasure of inviting you to the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux office for a cosy midsummer cocktail hour. 18.6.2024, 18:00–19:30.

Safer Spaces and nods to surrealism – introducing the Institute’s stickers by Sam Vanbelle

Take a peek at our brand-new stickers, embodying select parts of the programme and principles of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, and get to know the Antwerp-based illustrator.