Call to the Wild / L’appel de la nature captured by Frederik Vercruysse

okt 29, 2020 | News

Last summer our Call to the Wild / L’appel de la nature exhibition was captured in truly sensuous images by a talented photographer Frederik Vercruysse. The exhibition highlights a selection of works by Finnish artists Laura LaineKustaa Saksi, and Kim Simonsson. Call to the Wild creates a wonderful dialogue between the contemporary artworks and the Maison Louis Carré, designed by Alvar Aalto in the late 1950’s. The exhibition has been curated by our Director Kati Laakso and gallerist Lise Coirier (Spazio Nobile), in kind collaboration with Galerie NeC Nilsson et Chiglien Paris, Maison Louis Carré, and the Finnish Embassy in Paris. Read more about the exhibition on our programme page.

Bedroom. Bright blue carpet and two lounge chairs. Laura Laine's glass sculpture 'Transformer' placed on a table.
Laura Laine ‘Transformer ‘. Image: Frederik Vercruysse.
Laura Laine's golden glass sculpture placed on a shelf in the house's private library.
Laura Laine ‘Intruder’. Image: Frederik Vercruysse.
Overview from the living room. Two wall tapestries from Kustaa Saksi, a bright green Mossboy sculpture from Kim Simonsson, and a glass sculpture from Laura Laine.
From left: Kustaa Saksi ‘Under Shelter II’, Kim Simonsson ‘Mossboy with Glass Triangle’, Kustaa Saksi ‘Battle of Harapouri’, and Laura Laine ‘Neon Sucker’. Image: Frederik Vercruysse.
Kustaa Saksi's 'Battle of Harapouri' wall tapestry placed on top of the fireplace.
Kustaa Saksi ‘Battle of Harapouri’. Image: Frederik Vercruysse.
Kim Simonsson's 'Voodoo Mossboy' placed on a drawer.
Kim Simonsson ‘Voodoo Mossboy’. Image: Frederik Vercruysse.

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