L. Puska’s performance-led project URGENT – Residency for Artworks finds temporary home in Kunsthal Gent

Nov 20, 2023 | 2023, News

URGENT – Residency for Artworks is a performance based project hosted by Finnish artist L. Puska. It is a platform to ponder upon material agency and the role of the artwork as the performer. The performance stems from the necessity to reconsider our relationship to objects. In 2023-24, the project runs with three guest sculptures: blob by Eva Spierenburg, untitled by Nina Tervo, and Place by Sijben Rosa.

What happens when objects mediate physical and social interactions? What kind of relationship evolves between an artist and an artwork in the making process? What does it mean to be a caretaker of an artwork? L. Puska invites you to pause next to an object and observe its performative presence.

Woman walks in a park with a large pink blob strapped to her back.

URGENT – Residency for Artworks. L. Puska photographed with blob by Eva Spierenburg . Photo by Pieter Bullen

Performing Thing

25-26.11.2023 13:00-17:00
performative presence by sculptures from Eva Spierenburg, Nina Tervo, and Sijben Rosa accompanied by Maya Reynaert and Eliane Helinen. L.Puska is in Kunsthal Gent for a short residency in the week before the Friday Evening event, making Kunsthal Gent a temporary home for the objects.


VRIJDAGAVONDEN: L.PUSKA LIVING WITH (Friday Evening series event)

Doors open from 19:00
Programme starts at 20:00
Entrance: Pay What You Can
Language: English
More info on Kunsthal Gent website
Facebook event

Performative introduction of the three performing objects by L. Puska, followed by a conversation with the artist Eva Spierenburg, Danielle van Zuijlen from Kunsthal Gent, and L. Puska moderated by Laura Boxberg, Director of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.

Kunsthal Gent
Lange Steenstraat 14, Ghent, BE
Kunsthal Gent’s accessibility information.
During the weekend, Kunsthal Gent is an exhibition space and is open 11:00-18:00. You can determine the ticket price yourself (Pay What You Can).


About the artist

L. Puska is an interdisciplinary artist with a performance-led and material-based practice. Her work expands mediums of drawing, sculpture, and video as well as collaborative practices and choreographed routines.
She considers objects as potential companions and a performative gesture as a tool to direct attention.

It is typical for her work to reuse and accumulate material, repeat and variate actions, collaborate and experiment with forms of co-authorship, micro-social r and agency. Her projects often run for several years.

During the year 2023 Puska is working with the state artist grant awarded by the Finnish Arts Promotion Centre (Taike).

Puska lives and works between Finland and Belgium.

Follow L.Puska on instagram.


Main photo: Family portrait / Moments from Living with Objects.
URGENT – Residency for Artworks – L.Puska.
Photo by Marens van Leunen.

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