Together Alone - the selected projects from the third round

Logo banner for Together Alone with #togetheralone and deadlines stated along the margins.

On March 23rd, The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes network launched #TogetherAloneFI, a joint open call for artists and creatives whose projects were cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19. Nine weeks and 437 applications later, we have now commissioned 20 artists, creatives and collectives around the globe to reflect upon the current situation through diverse artistic practices. We are incredibly thankful for every application and extremely moved by how creatives have mirrored the major social upheavals of our times through the arts, and most importantly - have done so together. For the third - and final - application round of Together Alone, we have selected eight projects out of no less than 166 applications.

The selected projects from the third round are:

  • “H-ome” by Tanis Emrecan
  • “In-between” by Anna Nykyri
  • “Out of the Flood” by Invisible Flock & SubZero
  • “Soft Variations - Online” by Sonya Lindfors
  • “Untitled” by Caracara Collective
  • “Untitled” by Miila Westin
  • “Unum” by Sakari Männistö
  • “We need to talk about the future” by Anne Pajunen & Psychopomp! Theatre Collective


Soon we will launch a designated platform where all project will be gathered. We'll also share updates about the different selected works throughout the coming weeks on social media.