TelepART: August 2022

Août 23, 2022 | TelepART

In August, TelepART support allocated by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux has been given to: 


Routa Company – Jouni Järvenpää 

Jouni Järvenpää is a Finnish Dance Maker who graduated from the School for New Dance Development (AHK) in 2002 and has worked as a choreographer and dancer since. Jouni has created more than 50 choreographies in Finland, the Netherlands and Poland, and collaborated in several improvisation performances (eg. Steve Paxton’s Lisbon Group in Impulstanz 2022). Currently Jouni works as the artistic director and choreographer at Routa Company (Kajaani, Finland).  

Järvenpää will perform their collaboration, together with Artistic Director, Vincent Verburg (Movementalist, NL), called Silent Scream. Vincent Verburg (NL) and Jouni Järvenpää (FIN) are school mates from SNDO Amsterdam, from where they graduated in 2002. They have worked on Silent Scream since January 2020. They are aiming for a performance that keeps on going. In August 2021 the audience in Kajaani, Finland had the opportunity to come and follow Jouni and Vincent working, when Vincent visited Routa Company’s residency. In August 2022, Silent Scream will be performed in Amsterdam, at Plein Theater. The Finnish premiere will happen in April 2023, in Finland. 

Silent Scream is a dance for two. It screams for the importance of living the moment. The performance takes every impulse seriously and asks what it is that we hold on to, both in art as well as the life it includes. The common starting points were quite naturally selected to include independency, shared humanity and taking all the observations seriously. Fragility, openness and transparency are both the themes and the working method in Silent Scream. This is a performance that holds no secrets. Nothing is taken for granted. Jouni and Vincent meet and get to know each other time and time again, through every rehearsal and performing period. Silent Scream is, first and foremost, a living dance performance. In this performance they invite local artist to joint he proces and collaborate. As such they move between music, dance, lights creating new interactions and are influenced by different disciplines.


Working group: Vincent Verburg, Jouni Javenpaa (performers), Robbert van Hulzen, Cristina Crifone (music)

Where: Plein Theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

When: 26 August
Open: 20:30 – 21:30
Tickets: € 16 / € 14 / € 11, buy here!

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