Ima Iduozee’s film After We’re Gone Coming to Brussels

Nov 2, 2023 | 2023, News

Nigerian-Finnish filmmaker Ima Iduozee will be showcasing his new film After We’re Gone at Africa is/in the Future Film Festival in Brussels this November. The film is the second part of his Diaspora Mixtapes series, which celebrates the past, present and future of the African diaspora. In After We’re Gone, the journey of the African diaspora is reimagined by combining documentary and fiction.


Ima Iduozee

a person looking at the camera

Ima Iduozee by Salah Mboup

Ima Iduozee is a filmmaker, choreographer and DJ. His debut choreography, This is the Title, premiered in 2012 and went on to garner international acclaim, touring in 15 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. He is also the choreographer of the Dance Brothers series on Netflix.

Chameleon (2019), a short film directed by Ima Iduozee & Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, won the Best Experimental Film Award at the 2022 Slam Dance Film Festival in Utah, USA. His latest short film, After We’re Gone (2022), was commissioned by the Museum Of Contemporary Art Kiasma and had its international premier in San Francisco International Film Festival 2023.


Africa Is/In The Future

Africa is/in the Future is a film festival centering films presenting possible and futuristic stories of the African continent and its diasporas. This year, the festival focuses on the tension between the diaspora and the homeland as well as on projects designed to strengthen diasporic community interconnections. These projects are also discussed from the point of view of  members of communities  in Africa who are thinking of leaving the continent to join the diaspora.

By blending bold projections of the future with current realities, the festival continues to serve as a platform for crucial discussions about the identities, belongings and aspirations of African and diasporic communities.

By bringing together filmmakers, thinkers and passionate spectators, the festival remains true to its original mission: to provide a space where once-neglected voices can be heard and where stories of the past, present and future of Africa and its diasporas can come together in an enriching celebration of creativity and diversity.

The festival programme of « Ici et/ou Là-Bas » will include a selection of short films by Collectif Faire-Part, Milka Mbunga Kongi, Danny Bailey and Ima Iduozee.

poster of After We're Gone by Ima Iduozee

poster courtesy of Ima Iduozee

Practical Info

Date & Time: Thursday, 9 November, 21:00–23:00

Location: Cinéma Galeries, Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussels

Accessibility: The cinema is not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets: 7,50-9,50e on the Cinema Galeries website.

The screening is followed by a talk in the presence of the directors.

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