Finnish Courses

The Finnish Language courses at the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux are set to begin in the last week of September. Due to the impact of the corona crisis, we're still looking into all teaching options for next year. To have a clear idea of what our (potential) students think, we could like to invite you to fill out this very short survey, so we can take your vision into account while planning the upcoming classes.
A final calendar for 2020-2021 will be released soon. In the mean time, get in touch via aW5mb0BmaW5uY3VsdC5iZQ== if you have any questions. 
Come and learn one of the most interesting and beautiful languages in the world!


These courses are elementary courses and participation in them does not require prior Finnish language studies. The course held on Saturdays is an intensive course. The textbook in both courses is Suomen mestari 1, starting from chapter 1. 

FI1 Thursdays from 19.00–21.00, starting 6.2.2020, taught by Sanna Joutsijoki.
FI1 INT intensive course that started during the fall 2019 continues on Saturdays from 10.00–13.15, taught by Sanna Joutsijoki.


These courses are advanced courses, the textbook used is Suomen mestari 1.
FI2 Tuesdays from 19.40–21.10, starting 4.2.2020, taught by Tiina Karetvaara.
FI2 Wednesdays from 19.30–21.00, starting 5.2.2020, taught by Merja Heikkinen.


This course is an advanced course, the textbook used is Suomen mestari 2.
FI3 Wednesdays from 18.00–19.30, starting 5.2.2020, taught by Merja Heikkinen.

Additional information about the courses

All the weekly courses above last for the spring semester. The semester includes 28 teaching hours divided into either 11 teaching weeks (level 1) or 14 teaching weeks (other levels). One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Enrolment for the spring 2020 semester is separate, but the course level will remain the same for the whole academic year (e.g. the autumn semester level FI1 will continue in the spring as FI1). 
The spring semester will begin in the first week of February. The course teachers will provide more detailed course schedules in the first lesson. 

The intensive course on Saturdays automatically consists of the autumn and spring semesters (56 lessons in total). The group will meet 14 times. The teacher will provide more detailed information. 

The textbook used in the courses is the Suomen mestari series. You can buy the book from the institute at the beginning of the academic year.

The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux also organises private Finnish lessons à 550EUR / 10 lessons (one lesson lasts 45 minutes).  

Teaching space

Spring 2020 groups will meet in the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux’s premises near Sablon Square, at  Rue de l’Arbre/Boomstraat 14/3, 1000 Brussels.

Course fee

The tuition fee is 250EUR. The whole academic year costs 500EUR. The intensive course costs 500EUR.


Registration for the spring semester by 17.9.2019 to Administration Manager Tiina Eerolainen by email at dGlpbmEuZWVyb2xhaW5lbkBmaW5uY3VsdC5iZQ== or by telephone 02 513 09 41 / 0474 28 20 95.

Course fees are to be paid at the time of enrolment or at the latest one week prior to the beginning of the course to the Benelux Institute’s account:

Finnish Cultural Institute in Benelux Trust
IBAN: BE44 3200 5188 2845
Reference: Name of participant and course level (e.g. FI1, FI1 INT, FI2 Tue, FI2 Wed…) 

Note. The courses will be held when the minimum number of participants (5 students) is reached. The minimum number of participants for in conversation course is 7 students.

For more information about the courses, please contact Tiina Eerolainen.