Update COVID-19

Logo banner: Stay Inside

In these strange and challenging times, our thoughts go out to all those who have been affected; all artists, freelancers, cultural organisations and small businesses, caretakers and doctors. There is no telling what the coming days, weeks and even months will hold, so let’s just stay in and stay safe. 

We will be working from home for the coming weeks. You can get in touch with the office via aW5mb0BmaW5uY3VsdC5iZQ== or +32 468 15 56 72, or reach out to one of our team members. Our contact information can be found on here

Our TelepART programme will also be affected by the current situation, and will be suspended at least until Summer. We will update our website according to the measures taken. 

The Finnish language classes that are held at our office are also cancelled until further notice. The teachers will keep all students up to date about the schedule the coming weeks, and are ready to answer questions related to the language classes.

The ‘Call to the Wild’ exhibition has been postponed, to be held at a later time during 2020, if possible. Maison Louis Carré will close its doors until further notice, and we will follow the situation closely to see when it will be safe to open the exhibition to the audience. Please follow our social media and website for updates. 

We’ll follow the development and advice from local authorities and the WHO in the coming weeks, and keep you updated about any changes to our operation and programming

Team FCI