Adrian Perera op Transpoesie 2020

Hungarian Cultural Institute Balassi
Photograph of a young man with glasses, wearing a coat and scarf. He stands against a dimly lit winter landscape, and is looking into the camera.
Adrian Perera. Foto door: Niklas Sandström.

Het poëziefestival TRANSPOESIE wordt voor het tiende jaar op rij georganiseerd door EUNIC Brussel, de Nationale Instituten voor Cultuur van de Europese Unie in de Belgische hoofdstad. Dit jaar werden de leesevenementen virtueel gehouden, in hybride evenementen waarbij Europese poëzie wordt gedeeld met publiek over de hele wereld.

Het Instituut brengt Adrian Perera naar Transpoesie 2020.

Adrian Perera (*1986) is een Fins-Zweedse schrijver. Perera debuteerde in 2017 met de dichtbundel White Monkey (uitgeverij Förlaget). In 2019 verscheen zijn eerste roman Mamma (Förlaget). In het najaar van 2020 verscheen het vervolg daarop, Pappa.

Op 30 september is Perera te gast op het evenement TRANSCENDENTAL JOURNEYS, met een video waarin hij zijn gedichten voordraagt, gefilmd door Oscar Lehtinen. Het evenement vindt zowel live als online plaats. Voor meer informatie en aanmelding, zie hieronder.

Daarnaast zal Perera’s gedicht ‘38.’ te zien zijn in een campagne in het openbaar vervoer van Brussel, die op 15 september van start gaat. Lees zijn gedicht onderweg naar je werk!

Adrian Perera's optreden en deelname worden mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Svenska kulturfonden.


Logo banner for Transpoesie 2020, 30th September event.


Wednesday September 30 at 8 pm CEST
Live/Zoom/social media
In partnership with MAISON DU LIVRE

The second reading event for the tenth edition of TRANSPOESIE follows with six poets – voices that invites you on a transcendental journey of the spirit. The poets tell tales of urban and rural spaces through small moments of time. Each poet shares their work in their consecutive languages, with translations available.

Celebrate poetry from around Europe – and hear from our poets:

Miren Agur Meabe – Basque Country Region A poet whose prose addresses adults as well as children, Meabe is an award-winning and widely translated creative. She has been in residency at the IMO in New York, and worked with international translations at Simon island. Meabe has been a corresponding member of the Basque Academy since 2006.

Jaromír Typlt – Czech Republic As a poet that has moved from surrealist understandings of poetry to live performances, music, and visual arts, Typlt has worked with words in different forms, and continuously explores the limits of language within his creative work. He has worked as a curator of two art galliers in Liberec and worked as an artist-in-residence at the Collège néerlandais in Paris.

Adrian Perera – Finland A prominent commentator and award-winning writer, Perera made his debut in 2017 with his first poetry collection. Later he followed with two works of prose focusing on the inner workings of family dynamics and identities. As a Finland Swedish writer, Perera writes and performs his work in Swedish.

Lia Sturua – Georgia The prolific and award-winning poet Sturua has authored over 15 books of prose and poetry. Sturua made her entry into Georgian poetry showing a mastery of free verse, which has its origins in Georgia’s early hymnography. A lecturer, researcher and writer, Sturua currently worked as a literature consultant at the Galaktion Tabidze House Museum.

Stephen Sexton – Northern Ireland A productive and creative voice, Sexton has been widely published in Europe and the US, had has authored several award-winning poems and poetry collections. Asides from his poetry, Sexton has contributed to documentaries on BBC Radio Four and been featured on BBC Radio Three, and has performed his work from Athens to San Francisco.

Josep Pedrals – Spain An award-winning and dedicated poet approaching the form from several angles, Pedrals writes investigative books in the genre, professionally recites poetry, lectures on poetry in courses and conferences, disseminates and publicizes poetry in various media, and has organised all kinds of poetic celebrations. Aditionally, he sets lyrics to music by various composers, helps expand the theatrical dimension of verses, and writes verses for the plays of others.

Moderator: Kriticos Mwansa

You can take part in the event on-line or in a live screening on-site at the Hungarian Cultural Institute Balassi, Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels. Please note that there is limited seating and hygienic measurements for public safety will be in place.

Pre-registration to the live event at the Balassi Institute is required. Register for the event here:

All events are filmed and shared live on social media. Follow us on @transpoesie to find out more.


For 10 years TRANSPOESIE has celebrated language diversity, inspired by the European Day of Languages marked on the 26th of September every year. This year’s edition will include poets from 26 countries, sharing poetry in their native languages internationally, with translations.

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