Tarwe en walnoot: Jani Ruscica at 1646 Gallery

1646, The Hague
Still from 'No Dot' by Jani Ruscica
Still from 'No Dot' by Jani Ruscica

Finnish artist Jani Ruscica is showing new work during the solo exhibition Tarwe en Walnoot, at gallery 1646 in The Hague. The exhibition runs from 08.07 until 08.08.2021.  

Tarwe en Walnoot questions specificity, what makes up the essence of something, where a thing turns into something else — pushing against the edges of signs, binaries, identities. The exhibition complicates and questions the relationship between signs and their meaning. Ruscica plays with semiotics, a field concerned with signs and symbols and the way different meanings can be read by different interpreters. A shape or sign can convey meaning without any visual resemblance to the content of the message, in the way that letters can be pronounced differently in various languages, how hand gestures have particular meanings across cultures, or the way that a symbol can be one thing and mean a wholly other thing.

Ruscica acknowledges that different art forms have different specificities, traditions and histories. Their work can be found in the in-between spaces, engaging with these differences from different angles to find common ground. Using a variety of mediums — wood cut, sound, video, performance, photography and sculpture — Ruscica’s practice investigates the ties between interpretation and representation, collapsing boundaries of matter, language and meaning.