Manning Up - documentary screening

Photograph of James Macdonald shaving himself.
Documentary screening, free event

19.00 Beursschouwburg, Beurscafé, Auguste Ortsstraat 20/28, 1000 Brussel

Manning Up follows the story of a comedian becoming the teenage boy he always knew he could be.

When James Lórien MacDonald's career as a stand-up comic was gaining momentum, he began transitioning from female to male. Lucky for us, it meant he took every audience with him on this magical journey. Why? Because it was fucking hilarious. And also because his is an uplifting voice in a rising genre of trans narratives. The documentary follows this funny, charismatic trans man as he stumbles through the mundane realities of a new gender.

Throughout this, James’ transition is inextricably linked to his transformation into a stand-up sensation. The stage gives him a place to publicly process the personal and social implications of his transition, and he begins to draw bigger audiences curious about his trans experience. In fact, James’ extraordinary journey as a man and a comedian speaks to anyone who has dreamed of taking a risk to change their lives.

The film was realised through a crowd-funding initiative in Finland, and premiers in autumn 2019.

Re/defining Masculinities is a project by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux that aims to present and discuss the subject of masculinities from new and cross-disciplinary perspectives, through a series of cultural events and academic discussions realised in Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland.

RE/defining Masculinities is part of the Cultural Programme for Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The screening is shown in collaboration with Beursschouwburg.