This is the Title - performance

Photograph of a man in grey clothes sitting on a white floor, against a dark background.
Image: Ima Iduozee
Performance, 11/14 euros

20.30 Beursschouwburg, Auguste Ortsstraat 20/28, 1000 Brussel

On a blindingly white dance floor Iduozee unfolds with fluid elegance. Reconstruction the conventions of contemporary movement and breakdance, Iduozee´s debut work was also a contemplation on his personal body history. The choreographic arrangement is based on a set of repetitive gestures, that interplay with video, light and sound. The performer emerges into a space that radiates around him in a very delicate way, reviving our thirst for light, calm and freedom. Alluring lighting and sound design complete this minimalist world, where the power and grace of the performer captivates our senses and imagination.

Of Nigerian and Finnish descent, Ima Iduozee is a choreographer, dancer and performance artist based in Helsinki. Iduozee works in a diverse range of disciplines including dance, performance art, theatre and film. His debut solo, This is the Title, premiered in 2012 and went on to garner international acclaim, touring in 15 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. The solo was selected for the Aerowaves Twenty circuit for 2016, amongst 20 emerging European choreographers.

Iduozee´s works are often characterised by poetic and physically rigorous renderings, that meet with notions of fantasy, identity and futurity.

In 2015 the annual honorary prize of the Finnish Critics Association, Critics Spurs´, was given to Iduozee, as an acknowledgement for the best artistic breakthrough of the year.

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Re/defining Masculinities is a project by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux that aims to present and discuss the subject of masculinities from new and cross-disciplinary perspectives, through a series of cultural events and academic discussions realised in Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland.

RE/defining Masculinities is part of the Cultural Programme for Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The performance is realised in collaboration with Beursschouwburg.