Poet Elsa Tölli at Transpoesie 2021

Citizen's Garden
Elsa is sitting on the ground looking away, with an open book in their lap and there are read and green leaves around them.
Elsa Tölli, Image: Oona Oikkonen


This year's edition of the TRANSPOESIE festival celebrates poetry with the theme "To Be in the (k)now - poetry as a means of social expression", and organises its traditional events from end of September to mid-October. The institute brings the Finnish poet Elsa Tölli to the stage for the festival's opening event on the 23.9.2021.

Elsa Tölli is not only a performance poet, but also a whimsical enchanter, fuelling their creative machinery with life adventures and wacky glamour, and stage-induced adrenaline. Tölli takes the stage filled with emotional ruckus presented in their undeniable presence, sharing sharp and snappy poetry in vibrantly colourful performances. Their poetry collection Fun Primavera was released in 2020, it was the first independent collection to be featured in the Helsinki Sanomat competition for first time authors. 

“Poetry is the true soil of society, from which new indescribable vines can grow.” 

Elsa will be reading at the opening event in this year’s edition of TRANSPOESIE, The Future of Living - sound and music in their poetry at the Citizen's Garden by the Parliament in Brussels on the 23.9.2021 at 6 pm.

Facebook: @elsatollipoetry

The Future of Living - sound and music in their poetry 
Thursday September 23 at 6 pm CEST at the Citizen’s Garden by the Parliament in Brussels, Rue Vautier 68, 1050 Ixelles

The reading event will include the following poets:
1.       Nina Dragičević - Slovenia
2.       Pelumi Adejumo - The Netherlands
3.       Elsa Tölli - Finland
4.       Sara Herrera Peralta - Andalusia / Spain
With the moderator Carmien Michels.


From 23 September to 21 October in Brussels and online @Transpoesie and www.transpoesie.eu

After a year in social isolation, the TRANSPOESIE festival is emerging once more for its 11th edition in September with 27 new poets and a fresh new theme!

To be in the (k)now – poetry as a means of social expression explores poetry in the contemporary and post-pandemic present, sharing words from around the world in the heart of Europe. The TRANSPOESIE website and the printed festival materials will contribute to raising awareness of the diversity of languages by providing a visible platform for their poetic expression.

This year's edition of the TRANSPOESIE festival will take form in hybrid events, including our traditional readings and panels, where you can meet the poets in person, as well as poetry in the public space.

The festival celebrates multilingualism by bringing poetry in dozens of languages to Brussels. It marks the annual European Day of Languages and Linguistic Diversity on 26 September by organizing a series of events in September and October.

Celebrate poetry from around Europe – and hear from our poets:
23 September @ Citizen’s Garden
30 September @ Cervantes Institute
1 October @ Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek
7 October @ LOFT 58
14 October @ MuntPunt
21 October @ Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center

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