Mensch Maschine - exhibition

Botanique, Brussels
Logo with rectangular squares, in the middle reads Mensch Maschine.

Linked to the international CPDP conference - a 3 day world-leading multidisciplinary conference on data protection and artificial intelligence -, the exhibition Mensch Maschine touches on elements of machine learnings fundaments: the feed, the successes, and failures. Finnish artist Jenna Sutela is part of the exhibition, thanks to the participation of the Finnish Institute. Mensch Maschine opens on January 15th at Botanique, Brussels. 

Regular news about technological development is generally positive. However, critical journalism and research are teaching us about machine learning as a biased and even discriminating entity. 
This exhibition offers different views on this topic, including the work nimiia vibié by Finish artist Jenna Sutela, in which  she teaches a machine to develop a Martian language making use of AI. The source for the language comes from a bacterium which is considered to be Martian. 

Mensch Maschine is an exhibition by Privacy Salon with Lucie Planty (FR), Chris Dreier (DE), Jenna Sutela (FI), Joanna Żylińska (UK/PL), Adina Camhy (AU), Constant vzw (BE), Mélodie Mousset (FR/CH), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (US – not confirmed) & Dasha Ilina (Ru)