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Making the Market, a joint venture by ORNAMO, THE FINNISH INSTITUTE IN GERMANY, INSTITUT FINLANDAIS, and THE FINNISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE FOR THE BENELUX, calls for curiosity and connection in a globally networked design world. Through exhibitions, discussions and guidebooks Making the Market brings together professionals, practitioners and visionary thinkers of art and design with an aim to create new opportunities and global partnerships for artists and designers.

Making the Market Lunch Break Talks is a series of online discussions that seek to facilitate new insights of the next generation art and design market. In these times of lockdown and isolation we look for new solutions, idea-sharing and best practice examples.

1. How to make international connections?

2. Effective PR & Marketing 

3. Crisis Creates Changes

Logo banner: Making the Market Lunch Break Talk

How to make international connections? 

“Through multidisciplinary work, I have almost spontaneously established a rather extensive international network”  
– Artist and Sculptor Man Yau

Join us for the first Lunch Break Talk on Wednesday, December 9, exploring the future of Finnish design market with multidisciplinary designer MAN YAU and design and business executive MIRKKU KULLBERG. Moderated by the director and co-founder of Vienna Design Week LILLI HOLLEIN, the talk digs into the anatomy of successful and meaningful international networking. Where and how are new connections and collaborations created, and how to turn new contacts into long-lasting partnerships?

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Making the Market is supported by the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND CULTURE.