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Healing & Dealing

Helsinki, Brussels


Healing & Dealing is a two-part programme taking place for the first time in 2022. Dealing is part of the Stop Hatred Now Festival, running from the 16th to the 21st of May in Helsinki, Finland. The workshop focuses on white people and encourages them to take responsibility for their part within structural white supremacy. Healing is to be organised in June at Café Congo in Brussels, Belgium as a mirror event to the one in Helsinki. The day will consist of a mindfulness session and two workshops with a focus on the healing of racial trauma.

Healing & Dealing is a programme by The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.

Why Healing & Dealing?

“Healing & Dealing was born out of my need to have a space, if only for one day, where I can exist and breathe without the overwhelming presence of whiteness. 

As I am working in the very white culture bubble of Brussels, I want to develop and expand the Institute's diversity and equity work. The institute is continuously working on diversifying its staff and programming, so what better way than to have a two-part project where the first part focuses on shifting the responsibility of dealing with racism on whiteness and the second part focuses on giving a break to Blackness? 

The way the world is set up now the workload of dealing with racism is on Black individuals and on the Black community while it is not them who are in the main role of inflicting racism.” 

- Laisa Conde, Project Creator


This Whiteness Workout, led by Lehmus Murtomaa, is for those who are interested in increasing their fitness in terms of whiteness as a structure, its manifestations and expressions. The workshop is for anyone who sweats over these issues and feels the need to get in shape in order to combat white supremacy. 

The workshop does not entail any physical activities, it is rather an emotional exercise that will have your brain working. The workshop will go over the basics of whiteness and all newcomers are welcome.

The language of each workshop will be determined by each group, Finnish/Swedish/English. The workshop is intended for white people. 

Lehmus Murtomaa (hen/they/them) is an artist, performer and music-maker, who has been working in the independent art sector since 1997. Their interests include inter alia boundaries, the blurring, erasing, seeing, stretching and strengthening of them and consent also in a wider meaning.

Workshop Dates and Times

16 May 2022, 17:00–18:30 (EEST), Online

The language of the workshop will be determined by the group (Finnish/Swedish/English). 

Registration:  Please register by the 15th of May. 

17 May 2022, 17:00–18:30 (EEST), Stop Hatred Now Festival

The workshop will be in English.

Registration:  Please register by the 15th of May. 

#StopHatredNow is an intercultural and anti-racist platform organised initiated by UrbanApa arts platform in collaboration with several art and intercultural organisations.



The Healing day in Brussels will consist of two workshops with a focus on the healing of racial trauma. The vision is to have a safe space for only Black people (women and non-binary).

Workshop 1: Soul echoes facilitated by Céline and Isabelle N’diaye

Soul echoes is an invitation to practice creative and communal exercises fostering our ability to envision ourselves beyond binary – and obviously limited –  conceptions of reality. 

Soul echoes is a dedicated space and time where Bodies of Culture are sharing a moment to weave, breathe and reconnect from and within ourselves.

"Through the terminology Bodies of Culture, we are calling people embedded in one or more diasporas who identify as non binary, female or queer to attend the soul echoes workshop.

Even though we as organisers of soul echoes, are still in personal process, we also acknowledge that our broken selves need some time and space to be nurtured by something else than hatred. 

We genuinely believe that the necessary tools to transform society from brutality are already inside us, forged as a hidden legacy through centuries of survival. 

Thus, soul echoes propose a space and time experience to cherish, reconnect and reactivate the beauty underneath our deepest selves."

Isabelle N’diaye - A high density spectrum of practices valorizing non–eurocentric knowledges on time, space, and relationships are streaming Isabelle N’diaye inspirations. Tiding links throughout Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, Isabelle understands herself as a form of cultural hyphen. For a couple of years now, part of her artistic and organising path aims at translating transformative justice  in a more desirable and understandable vocabulary, centering narratives of misfits and misheards communities. 


Celine is a passionate and certified mindfulness guide, she worked for several years as a social worker. Finding a balanced life in social work is not always easy and she discovered meditation as a form of self-care.The causes of her unhappiness were clearer, but she also quickly realised that it is a lifelong learning process. With this positive change, she decided to train and become a guide. She started guiding meditation classes for refugees and women's circles.  Having worked with many activists, she is also very interested in the connection between mindfulness and social change, but also in embodied activism and how we can clarify the importance of self-care in social movements. Being half Congolese and half Polish, she is fascinated by somatic abolitionism and how to change unconscious biases around race with body centred tools.




Workshop 2: Resisting Resistance Fatigue facilitated by Monica Gathuo

Activism, resistance and just living as a Black person in this world is already tough and exhausting. As we have noted “Existing is resisting” and to be able to resist we need to take care of ourselves and our Black siblings. In the workshop we will discuss self-care methods, create ways to keep track of our well being and explore ways of releasing the piled up energies. 

In the workshop we will discuss self-care methods, create ways to keep track of our wellbeing and explore ways of releasing the piled up energies. We will look at techniques of  journaling, resting and resetting.”

Monica Gathuo is the co-founder of ARMA (Anti-Racism Media Activist Alliance) and researches the digital media usage of women of colour in Finland. She is a community organiser, media producer. Gatuo, currently located in Helsinki, Finland, is an experienced moderator and culture producer. Gathuo collaborates with POC lead grassroots organisations and supports initiatives led by youth of colour. Not only does she possess a great deal of knowledge but also shares it by leading various workshops and through mentoring. Gathuo educates antiracist work methods and produces minidocumentaries, music videos and her writing can be found in various publications. Gathuo is currently working as the Producer of The Finnish Institute Art- and Culturefestival, Together Again. 


Workshop Dates and Times:

9 June 2022, 10:00 - 15:00 CET 

Cafe Congo, Brussels (by invitation only)

Café Congo is an independent cultural space, archive and atelier based in Studio CityGate, Brussels.


For more information about Healing & Dealing please contact: 

Laisa Conde - bGFpc2EuY29uZGVAZmlubmN1bHQuYmUmbmJzcDs=