Finnish Courses

The second trimester or our Finnish Language courses starts on February 1st 2022. All courses will continue in the online version, using Zoom. 
The 2nd trimester is open for students who have followed the first part of the course. Registration for new students will open in August, for the academic year 2022-23.
Come and learn one of the most interesting and beautiful languages in the world!



You can find an overview of all important information here.

Now it’s time to enroll for the Spring term 2022 of our Finnish language courses that will start on 1st of February.
Please note that this semester is only open for students who have followed the previous courses!

You can register by sending an e-mail to our coordinator dGlpbmEuZWVyb2xhaW5lbkBmaW5uY3VsdC5iZQ==

LEVEL FI1: Wednesdays 18:00-19:30, starting on 2.2.2022
Teacher Johanna Miettinen

LEVEL FI2: Tuesdays 19:00-21:00, starting on 1.2.2022
Teacher Sanna Joutsijoki

LEVEL FI3: Thursdays 19:00-21:00, starting on 3.2.2022
Teacher Sanna Joutsijoki

LEVEL FI4: Wednesdays 19:45-21:15, starting on 2.2.2022
Teacher Johanna Miettinen

LEVEL FI5: Saturdays 13:00-15:00, starting on 5.2.2022
Teacher Sanna Joutsijoki

For more info, please check our FAQ file

The course fee is 250EUR / semester. 
Payment must be made before the start of the course to the account of the Finnish Benelux Institute. 
You will receive the payment details after signing up. 

The courses take place when there are at least 5 enrolled students per course.

Other Finnish language courses in Belgium:

CLT, Leuven
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