A I S T I T - coming to our senses

Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris and Helsinki
Photograph taken of a garden against glass. On the glass there is a reflection of two persons.

A I S T I T - coming to our senses explores sensations and their physical, social, political and technological aspects in 2020’s Europe. Four Finnish Institutes (Benelux, France, Germany and London) join forces for this art project, which has been granted a 180 000 euros Taide² grant by the Finnish Cultural Foundation

The project will be curated by visual artist Hans Rosenström and curator-choreographer Satu Herrala, and will be on show over the course of 2021 in Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris and Helsinki. The artworks looking into the theme will be commissioned from performing and contemporary artists. In addition, all curators will invite Finnish and international artists to adapt their existing works for new contexts.

A I S T I T will focus on works that enhance sensory experiences as well as examine the complexity of sensory perception during the times when our experiences are easily manipulated. Can finding a deeper exploration of our senses help us connect with ourselves, each other and the environment? 

A I S T I T - coming to our senses -events will be organised in collaboration with local festivals, theatres and other arts and cultural organisations. Each venue will have a unique event entity, consisting of commissioned artworks, visiting performances, workshops and discussions with artists, experts by experience.

Hans Rosenström is an internationally known and acknowledged artist, whose intimate poetical work invites the audience to sharpen their senses and be present in different locations and situations. Satu Herrala has worked as the artistic director of Baltic Circle Festival for the past five years. She has curated shows and events with a current and impactful approach.