Beursschouwburg: Feminist Curse Night II

A photograph of someone holding a sign that reads "I came here to drink milk and smash the patriarchy, and I've just finished my milk."
© Wikimedia Commons

Arts Centre Beursschouwburg is celebrating Finland week in March with three events.

Do you ever feel like society isn’t exactly what it could be? Do certain aspects of society tire you or piss you off? Do you just feel like cursing and smashing the patriarchy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to be at the Feminist Curse Night.

The first Curse Night outside of Finland, which took place in Brussels in October 2017, loosened many tongues frustrated with society’s power structures. The space was full to the brim and there was a real sense of community when the whole bar shouted “Fuck that!” with one voice.

15 March will be another day to become empowered when Beursshouwburg opens its doors to cursing feminists ready to tear down the patriarchy. The concept created by the Finnish feminist think tank ‘Hattu’ offers people who are frustrated with prevailing power structures the opportunity to blow off steam through rhyme, song, or some other means of expression. The event is moderated by one of the founders of think tank Hattu, freelance writer and unshakeable feminist Rosa Meriläinen.

Be a participant or come and support those taking the stage and discover that you are not alone in your thoughts. Receive feminism’s warm embrace, the floor is yours!

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